IT departments are increasingly challenged with providing more accurate, insightful data – and doing it in real time.

Information is the lifeblood of any company and providing accurate and timely data is critical for decision making and company performance.

For your IT department, Catalyst will allow you to:

  • Free up IT staff time to focus on strategic issues
  • Be confident with a single source of accurate data
  • Work from a secure and “unbreakable” database
  • Eliminate mundane tasks and deliver measurable performance benefits
  • Provide greater value with fewer resources

Bar chartsWould you like a CPM that elevates business performance right away?


Catalyst can:

  • provide immediate benefits

  • easily be used across the organization

  • gain new insight and drive strategy

Do you have data silos within your organization?

Would like to deliver more data with fewer resources?

Would you like a database that provides a single source of the truth?

Would you like a simple and comprehensive CPM solution that frees up IT resources?

Let’s see what a CIO has to say?

Catalyst elevated our business…
I. B. Emm, CIO, Me Too Brands