As the senior member of the leadership team, the CEO is responsible leading the strategy and vision of the company with the goal of higher earnings per share and increasing returns for shareholders.

As such, he/she must have real-time visibility of company performance, opportunities and risk. Key to the above is easily accessible and reliable data that can be delivered instantly.

For CEO’s, Catalyst provides greater visibility and a clearer understanding of the operational and financial pulse of the company, providing you:

  • provide KPI’s to the CEO and board in real time to make mid-course corrections
  • transform your organization with insightful strategic input
  • react more quickly and improve business performance
  • reduce risk and identify opportunities
  • eliminate manual spreadsheets to shorten reporting cycles/reduce staff time
  • have 100% confidence in the accuracy and security of your data
  • easily access your data any time with less reliance on your IT department

Computer reports

As a CEO

Would you like reliable data and greater insight from a single source?

Catalyst helps CEOs

Catalyst can help you:

  • Provide accurate, timely data (single source of the truth)
  • make timely changes to boost current year performance
  • Help visualize KPI’s and perform ‘what if’ analysis
  • Quickly and more clearly understand your company’s performance
  • Address problem areas faster and take advantage of opportunities

Would like to make mid-course corrections while you’re still at mid-course?

Would you like to get reliable and immediate answers to any performance question?

Do you have adequate visibility to identify corporate risks and opportunities?

Would you like real-time understanding of profitability at any level of the company?

Let’s see what a CEO has to say?

EBM Software provides the tool you need for real-time visibility. Look through the front window rather than the rear view mirror as you steer your business. Using their Corporate Performance Management software, we were able to better understand the profitability of our products, product lines and customers and tie that to business decisions – it was a real enabler for our business turnaround…
G. Scott Humphrey, CEO, Best Brands Corp.