Your Operations Manager is responsible for maintaining operational efficiencies including forecasting and meeting production volume within budget constraints.

They also oversee various departments, such as purchasing, warehousing, and manufacturing. To be successful, the Operations Manager needs to have visibility of production and inventory levels changes to make timely adjustments.

For your Operation Managers, Catalyst will allow you to:

  • easily drill down to any inventory level at any location with SKU detail
  • quickly and easily prepare ‘what if’ ad hoc reports for more effective production planning
  • react and revise production mix to minimize inventory levels and optimize sales opportunities
  • make timely decisions to boost production of winners and cut production of losing products

Computer reports

Would you like easily accessible inventory data down to any level?

Catalyst can:

  • be easily used by anyone on your team (no reliance on IT)
  • provide timely insights with touch of a button
  • help you optimize production planning and inventory cycles

Catalyst can help you:

  • more clearly understand product performance and production planning

  • address problem areas faster
  • take advantage of opportunities

Would you like to easily see timely inventory and sales updates customized however you like?

Would you like earlier alerts when a product’s sales are falling or taking off?

Would you like instant and reliable inventory/sales data down to geographic, product or customer level?