As a member of the senior leadership team, the CFO/VP of Finance plays a key strategic role in the stewardship of the company.

As such, he/she must have real-time visibility and insight – a high level view, but also the ability to identify problem areas and opportunities at any level. The data to offer proactive solutions to improve financial performance and mitigate risk. Key to the above is easily accessible and reliable data that can be delivered in real time.

For CFO’s, Catalyst provides greater visibility and a clearer understanding of the financial pulse of the company, allowing you to:

  • provide KPI’s to the CEO and board in real time to make mid-course corrections
  • transform your organization with insightful strategic input
  • react more quickly and improve business performance
  • reduce risk and identify opportunities
  • eliminate manual spreadsheets to shorten reporting cycles/reduce staff time
  • have 100% confidence in the accuracy and security of your data
  • easily access your data any time with less reliance on your IT department

RainmakerBe a rainmaker, not just a weather reporter.

Catalyst can help you:

  • provide solutions, not just reports

  • proactively manage your business to find opportunities and reveal risks

  • gain new insight and drive strategy

Would you like to see what you’ve been missing?

Would you like a single source of reliable, insightful data easily delivered in real time, any time?

Would you like to automate time-consuming manual reporting tasks?

Let’s see what a CFO has to say?

I would absolutely recommend Catalyst to other finance executives – I can’t imagine running a company without the Catalyst business intelligence and planning tools. It has revolutionized our organization by allowing us to create a bottoms-up budgeting process that gives each of our district offices ownership of their business and their budget.
Rex Clevenger, Former CFO, Universal Hospital Services (UHS)