Catalyst for Finance offers a turn-key, fully integrated CPM Solution

Standard Web-Reports

  • P&L 3-Scenario Compare
  • P&L Calendarized
  • P&L Company Summary
  • P&L Condensed View
  • P&L MQYF
  • P&L Pivot Report
  • Department 3-Scenario Compare
  • P&L Department Calendarized
  • P&L Department Condensed View
  • P&L Department MQYF
  • Department Pivot Report
  • Cost Center 3-Scenario Compare
  • Cost Center Calendarized
  • Cost Center Condensed View
  • Cost Center MQYF
  • Cost Center Pivot Report
  • B/S 3-Scenario Compare
  • B/S Calendarized
  • B/S Company Summary
  • B/S Pivot Report

Custom Web-Reports

The Catalyst™ Data Warehouse has been designed to allow Customers or Partners to quickly and cost effectively develop custom reports.

Financial Module Overview

The Catalyst™ Financial Module offers a turn-key, fully integrated Corporate Performance Management Solution to organizations looking to improve their financial sophistication.

Through intuitive, flexible planning and easy-to-use advanced analytical tools, Catalyst™ provides visibility, accountability, and enables companies to securely distribute information throughout an organization in the desired format. In addition, the integration of the robust planning data into the Dynamic Cubes allows for easy analysis of budgeted to actual performance as well as accurate forecasting.

Dynamic G/L Cube™

The G/L Cube™ enables detailed P&L and Balance Sheet analysis down to the General Ledger Account number. Example data available for analysis includes: G/L activity and balance data, customizable account reporting structures (internal/external), and other dimensions (i.e. department, cost center, functional area).  The fully integrated cube is managed directly at the user level and requires no IT support.

Financial Dashboards

The P&L Dashboards provide real-time graphical depiction of important Financial trends and opportunity areas from Total P&L through Revenue, COGS, and SG&A.
The Balance Sheet Dashboards provide real-time graphical depiction of important Financial Metrics including Working Capital, Debt Ratios, Liquidity, and Return on Equity.

Financial Web-Reports

Catalyst’s suite of standard Financial Web-Reports provide the foundation for efficient and effective monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting. From variances and departmental reports to multi-company consolidation, the Financial Web-Reports will improve your financial sophistication and reporting speed.

Our dynamic filter structure eliminates the need for an extensive set of reports by allowing a single report template to display data from the consolidated organization down to specific departments, cost centers, locations, etc. These reports are built directly from the integrated, Dynamic Cubes which ensures all your information is accurate and up-to-date

Financial Budgeting & Forecasting

Through a secure and intuitive interface, organizational users can quickly budget their revenues, COS, SG&A and fixed expense line items. These Budgets & Forecasts are automatically consolidated and available for comparison to actual activity as it gets booked in the General Ledger.