The Business Analyst is responsible for defining, analyzing and developing solutions to business problems.

The key role of a Business Analyst is to analyze business performance, processes, procedures, organization structure, etc. in order to identify problems and determine solutions.

For the Business Analyst, Catalyst will allow you to:

  • quickly and easily find problem sources and opportunities
  • drill down to any level and analyze areas of concern in detail
  • generate solutions based on accurate and timely information
  • efficiently create reports and varying levels of detail that can be quickly updated with new information

Would you like reliable, timely data that’s quickly and easily accessed?

Catalyst can:

  • be easily used by anyone on your team (no reliance on IT)
  • provide timely insights with touch of a button
  • help you optimize production planning and inventory cycles

Are you seeing the whole picture?

Are you finding growth opportunities and solutions?

Would you like easy access to KPI’s at the touch of button?

Are you identifying indicators that might be leading to risks for the business?