What if…

What if… your CPM vendor could do a complete demo using your data?

What if… your CPM vendor could do a complete demo using your data in less than a week?

If it’s EBM Catalyst, then it’s not a matter of “if”, but when you would like to schedule a proof of concept.

Why use your data?

By using your actual data, you’ll quickly see how easy it will be to streamline your planning and budgeting processes. Find out how you can do away with the tedious work of creating unreliable spreadsheets that are riddled with mistakes. Imagine cutting the time needed every year for planning and budgeting in half with reliable data from a single source of the truth.

EBM Catalyst will give you a bottoms-up view of your budget data down to any level. You’ll gain a much better understanding of your profitability which leads to more accurate planning, better cost controls and higher margins.

What if you’re still not convinced after the demo? Then you walk away. There’s no charge unless you want to continue to leverage our software to provide you the insights to accelerate growth. And it’s not just financial insights, you’ll also gain operational understanding that could boost corporate performance with more efficient inventory management, optimal product mixes and more.

What if… you could unlock your data and unleash your company’s growth potential?

It’s not smoke and mirrors. EBM Catalyst has provided insights and driven performance for many companies. With Catalyst, you can easily drill down to a granular level of your business and instantly answer any question. Uncover problems. Discover opportunities. Gain insight into KPI’s and the ability to see what your ERP systems would not allow because it would take too long or the data could not be relied upon.

What if… you’re ready to learn more?

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