The Catalyst Interactive User Interface is modern, easy to use and navigate as well as fully interactive.

Easily navigate to all areas of the product suite right from your own user specific and customizable homepage. The interface is packed full of helpful training tools and videos, business expert tips and tricks and even has a customizable favorites to quickly take you to the places you visit most frequently.

Let’s See What Some Business Leaders Have To Say?

EBM Software provides the tool you need for real-time visibility. Look through the front window rather than the rear view mirror as you steer your business. Using their Corporate Performance Management software, we were able to better understand the profitability of our products, product lines and customers and tie that to business decisions – it was a real enabler for our business turnaround.
G. Scott Humphrey, Former CEO, Best Brands Corp.
EBM Software is made up of true business experts. They bring business instincts and acumen along with outstanding business intelligence tools – which enables them to quickly understand the business challenge and opportunity, and then tailor a solution to that opportunity. I recommend them all the time.
Keith Stimson, Partner, Gryphon Investors
Our revenue and profitability have seen double-digit gains in the past two years, and the EBM Software Solutions have been an important part of that. It makes us much smarter about the way we run our business and enables us to better identify opportunities to grow.” We are very excited about the much anticipated Catalyst launch.
Paul Landapat, Chief Executive Officer, Flagstone Foods
I would absolutely recommend Catalyst to other finance executives – I can’t imagine running a company without the Catalyst business intelligence and planning tools. It has revolutionized our organization by allowing us to create a bottoms-up budgeting process that gives each of our district offices ownership of their business and their budget.
Rex Clevenger, Former CFO, Universal Hospital Services (UHS)