Data is most empowering when everyone in your organization can access it easily and intuitively, wherever they go.

“Pictures are worth a thousand words” and the Catalyst dashboards do not disappoint.  Completely customizable and distributable to an unlimited user-base, the Catalyst dashboards can be deployed via the Catalyst website or through our mobile apps.  The robust dashboards integrate seamlessly with the Catalyst data warehouse, Excel or other legacy systems to create a complete solution.  The interactive and drillable dashboard buttons, gauges, maps, sliders, and charts can transform static KPIs into truly actionable measures.


dynamic dashboards

Dashboard Capabilities & Interactive Features

  • The ability to incorporate multiple data sources (Data Cubes, Data Mart, other databases, Excel).
  • Accessibility via mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, & Windows 8 – Android in development).
  • Drillable dashboards are easily built by the customer and provide limitless methods of visualizing KPI’s, trends, issues and opportunities.
  • Automatic nightly updates, when tied to the data cube process, giving executives and mangers relevant information that is both accurate and timely.
  • Maps
  • Gauges
  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Year-over-year comparison
  • Real-time “what if” scenario visuals & analysis

Product Features

  • Interactive & Flexible Analytics (What-if Analysis)
  • Data Visualization
  • Intuitive Dashboard Designer
  • Standard Profit and Loss Dashboards
  • Standard Balance Sheet Dashboards
  • Mobile Availability (Windows, iOS, Android)