It’s hard to overstate the power of our Dynamic Data Cubes. Imagine being able to ask a question about your business and get a response in an instant.

Quick access to secure information needed to better decisions.

Best-in-class analytical “Data Cubes” allow companies to slice-and-dice, drill down and pivot enormous amounts of transactional data to identify important insights and make fact-based decisions. Catalyst‘s Dynamic Data Cubes give users at all levels of the organization quick access to secure information needed to better manage their respective responsibilities.  The unbreakable Excel pivot table user interface makes training and adoption by even your most reluctant computer users completely stress-free.


dynamic data cubes

G/L Cube™

Quickly analyze your financial performance and compare it with your financial plan, drill down to specific accounts across departments, create month-end reporting with a simple “refresh” and much more.

Profitability Cube™

Get the full picture of your business profitability: compare customer-level invoice data with cost information and gross sales to gross margins by both customer and product. All of this gives you the ability to dive deep into your data for root-cause analysis.

Retail Cube™

Gain new understanding of trends and missed opportunities at the store level with the Retail Cube. Summarize transactional data alongside detailed store traffic counters to analyze market baskets, penetration rates and marketing effectiveness; break data down by day, hour, location, region and more.

Purchasing Cube™

Incorporates vendor purchase orders, receipts and customized item or bill of material hierarchy dimensions to analyze both historical and projected purchasing costs by item and vendor.

Product Features

  • Dynamic Cube (Rate/Volume Mix) (Catalyst 4.0 – Spring 2017)
  • Dynamic Financial Cube
  • Dynamic Inventory Cube (Optional Upgraded Feature)
  • Dynamic Profitability Cube
  • Ad-Hoc & What-If Analysis (Slice & Dice/Drill Down)
  • User Configured Dimensions, Attributes & Measures
  • Uses MS-Excel Pivot Table Interface
  • Interactive & Flexible Analytics
  • On Demand Refresh
  • Create User Defined Cube Reporting