All of your powerful data under one powerful roof!

Do you have multiple data silos within your organization?

  • OR MORE?


The Catalyst Data Warehouse consolidates detailed financial and profitability information for even the largest companies into a structured database that is easy to administer with minimal IT involvement. Catalyst‘s administrative tools allow super-users to manage data attributes and hierarchies, user/group security, planning scenarios and much, much more.


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Hierarchy Management

Our Hierarchy Management utility allows admin users to easily adjust the order and structure of data across each hierarchy that exists in the data mart. Easily adjust the hierarchy mapping of a piece of information and see that change within all modules of the tool suite on a proforma basis.

Security Management

Robust security with flexibility. Implement security based on user roles, individuals, groups, stores, down to individual SKU’s, customers and accounts. Securely roll out to your entire organization providing access to what users need unique to their role.

Scenarios Management

Admin users have the ability to create new scenarios, manage existing scenarios, lock/unlock scenarios, and adjust the ordering of relevant Scenarios, Actuals, Plans, Forecasts, and Budgets. Theses adjustments are then reflected in the full suite of Enterprise Business Management tools.

Allocation Management

Admin users have the ability to allocate costs to specific cost objectives such as various departments, accounts, items, and customers. Provides a full view of your cost structure efficiently and effectively.

Product Features

  • The Office Bridge (Data-Set Integration with MS Office) (Catalyst 4.0 – Spring 2017)
  • Accrual Management (Catalyst 4.0 – Spring 2017)
  • Security & Access Management
  • Hierarchy Management
  • Scenario Management
  • Data Extensibility & Relationship Management
  • Manual Uploads & Overrides
  • Allocations (GL to Operations)
  • Multi Currency
  • Automated Data Synchronization with ERPs, POS, HR & Other Sources