Do you know the difference between Naughty and Nice in the world of financial reporting? Consider starting out 2018 with a bang, following these helpful hints to ensure you don’t end up on next year’s naughty list!

1. You ONLY use spreadsheets for your planning & reporting.

Which leads to human errors that are difficult to hunt down. Leading to costly mistakes down the road.

2. You have multiple versions of the same worksheet.

Making it difficult to communicate with team members. You find yourself asking “what version are you looking at?”

3. It takes you hours (sometimes days!) to compile multiple files into a single report to answer questions and complete month-end or year-end close.

Leaving less time for value-added work and often resulting in a major headache.

4. You pull data from multiple sources, your ERP, CRM, payroll, etc.

This limits how deep you can go and makes reconciliation difficult, raising concerns about the integrity of your data.

5. You stay stagnant.

And ignore the signals that a change in your systems and processes needs to be made for you to truly succeed.

1. You use Catalyst’s cubes and dynamic reports to see your data.

Which eliminates the risk of errors- you tie out 100% of the time.

2. All of your data is funneled into the same database.

You have ONE single source of truth. No more wondering who’s looking at what!

3. You use Catalyst to automate your month-end and year-end reporting & answer questions at the speed of thought.

Free up hours of your time & easily do adhoc analysis at the click of a button. Find hidden opportunities & eliminate risk.

4. All of your data lives in the Catalyst Data warehouse, which is secure, flexible and cloud-based.

Thus, allowing you to easily align, expand, map, and dig deep into your data, with the assurance it’s all there.

5. You give Catalyst a shot- and sign up for a POC Demo where we use your data, so you see real results.

We will have you implemented in weeks and our team of experts will support you throughout the entire process.

Have 10 minutes to chat? I’d love to introduce myself and get to know you! We can quickly determine if we can be of help to your business in the new year.

Emily Callahan
VP of Business Development
EBM Software  I  Home of Catalyst